Zomacton: Overview, Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

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Written by Elite HRT on September 10, 2021

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Understanding what medications are and how they work seems complicated, like you should leave that up to the doctors and pharmacists. In reality, knowing about the medications that are going into your body is important for informed consent and helps you to have a more active role in your health care. 

With that being said, Zomacton is a medication that is also known by its generic name somatropin. Zomacton is a medication that can have many benefits for people with low levels of natural human growth hormone (HGH). 

Keep reading to learn more about what it is, the benefits, who should and should not take it, the dosage, side effects, and more. 

What is Zomacton?

Zomacton, or somatropin, is a medication that is used in hormone replacement therapy for a deficiency in human growth hormone. The hormone in the medication is made by using E. Coli or mammal cells. 

Zomacton is one of several types of human growth hormone medications and is used for several different conditions. Growth hormone deficiency, failure to grow, and AIDS wasting are some of the indications for the medication. 

Different forms of somatropin should not be used interchangeably as each may have different indications and dosing recommendations. 

What Are the Benefits of Zomacton?

In addition to balancing natural hormone levels, Zomacton can have many other health benefits as well, such as supporting bone health, healthy weight loss, muscle mass, and strength. These benefits are similar to the effects of how human growth hormone works in the body. 

Supports Bone Health

An important role of human growth hormone in the body is to encourage bone strength and growth. It does this by stimulating the creation of the osteoblasts, which are the cells in the body that help to build up bone material. It also promotes the activity of osteoclasts, which are the cells that break down old bone material to reabsorb the calcium into the body. 

By helping to regulate the balance of these two bone cells, growth hormone treatment supports healthy bones. Without growth hormone, there may be an increased breakdown of the bones, which can lead to decreased bone strength or growth. 

Zomacton contains a similar structure to HGH and may help to support bone strength.

Supports Weight Loss

Another important job of human growth hormone is helping to break down fat in the body. 

If levels of human growth hormone begin to decrease, there may be an increase in fat deposits, especially in the abdomen. 

Zomacton can work like human growth hormone to support healthy weight and fat loss for those with a deficiency. Also, if Zomacton is paired with moderate exercise and a wholesome diet, it can work well to support healthy weight loss. 

Weight loss should not be the primary use of Zomacton; however, it can be a welcomed benefit that many people have taken advantage of. 

Supports Muscle Mass Growth

Supporting muscle growth is probably one of the most well-known benefits of human growth hormone. Growth hormone helps to support the building of muscle tissue and can eventually lead to a noticeable increase in the size and strength of the muscles. Again, this is not the primary use of hormone replacement therapy; however, it is a benefit that may help to improve your quality of life.

What Is the Standard Dosage of Zomacton?

Your dosage of Zomacton may be different than the dosage of someone else because each person is unique and different. 

There are several things that can impact the dose of medication you will receive. Some of these differences are age, weight, sex, symptom severity, HGH levels, health history, and health status. 

Ultimately, your physician or healthcare provider will be the one to decide what the best dose will be for you to help improve your quality of life. 

However, for those adults using Zomacton for hormone replacement therapy, there are standard dosage ranges and guidelines. To start, the dose is generally 0.006 mg/kg per day via a subcutaneous injection. When 6 weeks have passed, the amount of medication may be increased by your healthcare provider to up to 0.0125 mg/kg per day. 

There are also other protocols for dosage based on insulin-like growth factor I concentrations. 

How Do You Take Zomacton?

Zomacton is taken in the form of a subcutaneous injection. This means that the injection is placed into the fatty tissue just below the skin and above the muscle. Some of the most common locations for these injections are in the fatty tissue of the abdomen, the back of the arms, and the “love handles”. 

For these daily injections, you will be provided a medication vial as well as the supplies you need from your doctor or pharmacy. You will need to clean your hands and skin, prepare your supplies, draw up the medication, and administer it into the appropriate location. 

You should rotate injection sites to let your skin heal and prevent the skin from developing fat lumps. 

Ask your doctor for specific instructions on how to administer the medication and where. 

Who Should Use Zomacton?

Zomacton has several uses and can even be used in both children and adults. In children, it is most commonly used for growth failure, growth hormone deficiency, and short stature related to Turner’s syndrome. 

Some children may only need Zomacton for a short time while they catch up on their growth, while others may have a need for long-term therapy due to a growth hormone deficiency. 

In adults, it is mainly used for growth hormone deficiency. This deficiency must be detected by a hormone level test to determine the natural hormone level. There are several things that can lead to a decline in HGH including trauma, surgery, decreased pituitary functioning, radiation, and more. 

Who Should Not Use Zomacton?

Zomacton is not for everyone, and there are certain things that are contraindicated for its use. 

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is not generally recommended to take Zomacton since there have not been studies to support the safety and efficacy of it in these populations. 
  • If you have experienced an allergic reaction to somatropin of any kind should not take Zomacton to prevent any further reactions from occurring. 
  • Zomacton is also contraindicated for people with active cancers or growths of the body, and acute critical illnesses. 
  • It should also be used with caution if you have diabetes mellitus or scoliosis. 

These are just recommendations and your doctor should make the call if it is safe for you. 

Zomacton should also not be used for those simply wanting to increase body mass. If there is no hormone deficiency there can be an imbalance of hormones resulting in unwanted side effects. Zomacton should only be used if prescribed by your healthcare provider after testing is completed. 

What Are the Side Effects of Zomacton?

When used appropriately Zomacton is generally safe; however, there are some side effects that can occur:

  • Edema, or swelling of the tissues
  • Increased fluid retention in the body
  • Joint swelling, muscle pains, arm and leg stiffness or pain, and back pain 
  • Change in your body’s ability to balance glucose in the body, which may lead to high blood sugar — you should monitor your blood sugar throughout treatment so appropriate changes can be made if necessary
  • Pain and swelling at the injection site

This is not a complete list of side effects but these are some of the side effects that may occur. If you notice any changes let your doctor know and they can decide what should be done going forward to address it. 


Zomacton is a medication used to replace the body’s levels of human growth hormone when they are not sufficient to meet the needs of the body. Zomacton acts as human growth hormone to promote the growth of muscles and bones and support weight loss. 

Zomacton’s dose and use will be determined by your healthcare provider, and that is the only time it should be used. 

There are some side effects that can occur with its use, so let your doctor know of any and they can decide if you should stop or decrease the dose of medication. 

If you are looking for Zomacton, Elite HRT can help you from the testing phase, to consulting, to creating a treatment plan, and finally coordinating the delivery of medications straight to you.

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