Many vitamin and amino acid supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally, thus preventing adequate absorption. Administering an injection of these vitamin and amino acid supplements allows for much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body. Vitamins and amino acids can have an incredibly potent effect when injected.  Nutraceutical Therapy uses combinations of powerful vitamins and amino acids to help fight the effects of aging, greatly enhancing overall health and well being.  A wide variety of nutraceutical products are available, each offering a variety of positive benefits to help you stay healthier and feel better.

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Written by Daniel Devereux
on April 06, 2021

Medically reviewed by

Camille Freking, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, MEDICAL ADVISOR



Vitamin B-12 deficiency is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies, nearly 75 percent of us fall short of the necessary B-12 derived from our diet. Common benefits of B-12 injections include an increase in energy levels and stamina, improved mood, deeper and more restful sleep, reduced stress and a healthier immune system. Vitamin B-12 injections support and increase the rate of metabolism and ensure proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Methionine, Inositol, and Choline (MIC)

Methionine, Inositol, and Choline work together as fat-burning compounds to stimulate the liver into enhancing your metabolism. In doing so, they provide a temporary improvement in metabolic function, which assists in the release of fat deposits in the body and provides increased energy levels.

Methionine is an amino acid essential in helping break down fats in the liver. Methionine can be found in meat, dairy and fish, and plays a major role in cell functions. Since Methionine can not be synthesized by the body itself, by injecting Methionine into the muscle you can achieve a more efficient and rapid elimination of fat deposits. Methionine is also proven to lower cholesterol and prevent fatigue, as well as having many other positive effects such as improvements in skin elasticity, nails, hair, premature ejaculation, depression, and overall muscular function.

Inositol is a vitamin-like substance used in the treatment of several conditions such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hair growth, and psoriasis. Inositol, when taken with Choline, forms lecithin, which is known to target fat. Like Methionin, Inositol can also be found in certain foods, but is much more effective at fat breakdown when injected directly into the muscle.

Choline is a vital nutrient for the function of the liver and plays an important part daily in several processes within the body. In regards to liver function, these include the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol. Essentially, Choline helps prevent fat from depositing in the liver.

Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) refer to three essential (your body doesn’t make them on its own) amino acids: Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. While most amino acids are oxidized in the liver, BCAAs are predominantly oxidized in muscles and other peripheral tissues. All three of these amino acids support muscle growth, maintenance and recovery, while reducing fatigue, helping you get maximum benefits out of your workout sessions.

Isoleucine stimulates glucose uptake into cells, which helps fuel your muscles and minimizes protein breakdown during exercise. One of its major functions is to act as a building block for protein synthesis.

Leucine plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis as well, having the greatest impact of the three amino acids on muscle gain and recovery. One of its primary roles is in the regulation of genetic signaling pathways that are involved in protein synthesis. The breakdown of leucine results in the production of two molecules, acetoacetate and acetyl- CoA, that are utilized by the body to obtain energy.

Valine assists in preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue by providing the muscle with additional glucose necessary for the production of energy during exercise. This amino acid is efficient in rapidly recovering damaged muscle tissue. Also, Valine plays an important role in maintaining the proper amount of nitrogen in the body. This is vital for muscle metabolism and growth.


Lipotropic compounds work by encouraging the body to release fat in areas typically resistant to conventional approaches such as diet and exercise. Lipotropic Injections deliver the fat releasing action of lipotropic compounds directly into areas of the body that stubbornly hold onto fat molecules. Once the Lipotropic Injections are free the fat from fat cells, the powerful compounds help the body convert that fat into fuel. Lipotropic Injections are also shown to improve the results of diet and exercise.


L-Carnitine is an important nutrient essential in the body’s ability to turn fat into energy. L-Carnitine also plays an important role in helping cells make energy. Its wide range of benefits include enhanced endurance and energy levels, accelerated fat loss and a leaner physique, lower cholesterol, reduced fatty deposits in the liver and heightened liver function.


Because the body is not able to produce L-Arginine naturally, supplementing with L-Arginine Injections can greatly aid in physical performance. L-Arginine significantly improves Growth Hormone production, helping to increase strength and lean muscle mass, improve sexual function, reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery time. L-Arginine Injections also promote vascularity and vasodilation resulting in enhanced blood flow throughout the body, improving nutrient distribution and increasing sexual function.


The harder the body is pushed, the harder a hit it takes. If L-Glutamine levels are low, there is an increased risk of over training and damage to the body.  Fortunately, L-Glutamine Injections provide protection from break down of the body and muscles, resulting in less time recovering, improved muscle building potential and a reduced risk of injury. Additionally, L-Glutamine helps the body produce Human Growth Hormone, giving your sports, fitness or weight loss goals a big advantage.


The primary function os L-Glutathione is to fight against free radicals which can lead to premature aging and disease. L-Glutathione Injections enhance ability to protect against “oxidative stress”, the result of an imbalance between these free radicals, the result is a number of benefits pertaining to the halting of disease. Over time, cells in the body begin to lose their ability to repair themselves and produce strong antioxidants. L-Glutathione Injections can help repair these damaged cells caused by stress, pollution or infection by increasing levels of this naturally occurring antioxidant. In addition, L-Glutathione assists in the metabolism of toxins, such as carcinogens.

Nutraceutical Injections At Elite HRT

Choosing an educated and specialized provider of hormone replacement therapy, as well as the safest and most effective method of treatment, is very important. While some seek hormone therapy through their family Doctor, this is rarely as comprehensive and effective as a treatment from a specialized hormone Doctor.  Family Doctors, if they are even open to prescribing hormone therapy, typically lack the understanding and thoroughness of a hormone specialist.

A generic method of hormone replacement therapy is never the answer. With Elite HRT, you will receive a completely personalized hormone replacement therapy program. Designed specifically for you, the benefits and safety of your treatment will far exceed any of the generic methods of treatment available today.

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