Hormone Therapy

Growing older and experiencing the effects of aging is a natural occurrence. The internal functions of the body become less and less efficient, physical operation of the body becomes more and more vulnerable to daily wear and tear. There is a general decline in our physical condition and mental capacity.

When it was discovered that poor health and aging were the results of low hormone levels, it wasn’t too long after that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was introduced. Hormones are a means of communication between different parts of the body, they help these parts work in a coordinated and organized way. It is our endocrine system that is responsible for the production and regulation of these important hormones. As the function of this system declines over time, hormone imbalances and hormone deficiencies take place. Menopause, andropause (male menopause), hypogonadism (low testosterone), as well as growth hormone, thyroid, and adrenal disorders are some of the most common.

Men and women over the age of thirty are likely to be experiencing low hormone levels or a hormone imbalance. When hormone levels decrease they lead to both physical and emotional changes.

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Written by Elite HRT
on April 06, 2021


Low Hormone Symptoms

  • Fatigue and Low Energy Levels
  • Trouble Sleeping and Poor Sleep Quality
  • Decreased Muscle Mass and Poor Body Composition
  • Obesity, Increased Body Fat
  • Reduced Sexual Desire, Activity and Quality
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Slow Recovery Time From Exercise, Injuries and Sickness
  • Poor Memory and Foggy Thinking
  • Decreased Motivation and Enthusiasm For Life
  • Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Age Related Disease

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy is the process of restoring low or imbalanced hormone levels back to a youthful level. When these low hormone levels are elevated and imbalances are corrected, the result is life changing. Our medical specialists use a comprehensive approach to achieve the most optimal benefits. Testosterone alone is not always the answer. The body is a symphony of hormones, that when all are in balance, lead to a greater utilization of testosterone and increased overall feeling of well being. It’s this understanding of the environment within our bodies that must be recognized and adjusted in order for us to maximize the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy has been proven to slow down, stop and even reverse the common signs and symptoms of aging. In recent years the popularity and recognition of hormone replacement therapy has been off the charts. Medicine today has an even greater understanding of the connection between hormones and the aging process and how hormone replacement therapy for men and women can treat and reverse age related symptoms and diseases.

Hormone Therapy For Men

For men, hormone replacement therapy can restore the energy, stamina, and lean muscle mass that declines with age. Our comprehensive approach will synchronize your system by restoring the proper levels of testosterone while controlling the estrogen and multiple other hormones that fluctuate in its absence and cause health issues. Your body will regain the ideal hormone balance to help you build lean muscle, lose weight, gain energy, boost libido, improve your health, and feel a lot more youthful.

Hormone Therapy For Women

For women, hormone replacement therapy can counteract the upsetting signs of menopause and aging such as weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, depression, and hot flashes, among others. Our specialists will get your body back in balance by restoring the optimal hormonal environment within you to experience health, wellness, general feeling of well-being, and the best metabolic condition for weight management. Restoring your ideal hormone balance can relieve many of the symptoms of aging and help you feel younger, healthier, and better than ever.

Hormone Therapy At Elite HRT

Choosing an educated and specialized provider of hormone replacement therapy, as well as the safest and most effective method of treatment, is very important. While some seek hormone therapy through their family Doctor, this is rarely as comprehensive and effective as treatment from a specialized hormone Doctor. Family Doctors, if they are even open to prescribing hormone therapy, typically lack the understanding and thoroughness of a hormone specialist.

A generic method of hormone replacement therapy is never the answer. With Elite HRT, you will receive a completely personalized hormone replacement therapy program. Designed specifically for you, the benefits and safety of your treatment will far exceed any of the generic methods of treatment available today.

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