What is Testosterone Enanthate?


Written by Elite HRT on March 25, 2021

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Camille Freking, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, MEDICAL ADVISOR

Testosterone Enanthate is a drug that similarly mimics the testosterone that is created in your body. It is one of 4 types of testosterone that can be used for hormone replacement

Testosterone enanthate helps people to get their testosterone hormone levels back into range that may have been irregular due to several possible reasons. 

If you are considering using testosterone enanthate or are just curious about what it does and how it works keep reading. Below you will discover what it is, how it is used, what you use it for, who should not take it, and side effects that could occur. 

Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate, also known as Delatestryl, is a testosterone analog that helps to replace low levels of testosterone. Compared to testosterone propionate and testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate is the medium/ long acting version of testosterone that typically lasts 5 to 7 days in the body. By lasting in the body for so long it makes it easy to only take one or two doses a week so that it does not consume your life. 

Testosterone in the Body

Testosterone enanthate works in the body very similarly to endogenous, or made by the body, testosterone. In males it is helpful to promote the growth and development of sex organs such as the penis and testicles. It also helps to stimulate the pronounced secondary sex characteristics such as armpit and pubic hair, changes in voice, increase in muscle mass, and a decrease in body fat. 

In addition to sexual maturation testosterone also boosts the growth of the entire body, however if there is too much it could result in too much growth of the bones. They also play a role in red blood cells by stimulating the factor that makes red blood cells. It is also important to know that the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone that stimulates the Leydig cells in the testicles to create testosterone. 

What It Is Used For

Testosterone enanthate can be used for 3 main purposes. 

In males it can be used for hypogonadism, both primary and hypogonadotropic, along with delayed puberty. Hypogonadism is when not enough testosterone is produced for proper growth and development. If it is a case of primary hypogonadism the testicles will be directly impacted through things such as testicular torsion, swelling of the testicles, or removal of the testicles. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism means that the pituitary gland has been affected so it can no longer signal to the testicles to make testosterone. Both of these can be helped by testosterone enanthate because the problem is low levels of testosterone, regardless of the exact cause. 

Delayed puberty in boys can happen when they do not begin puberty by the age of 14 years old or later. There are multiple causes of this but the most successful patients for testosterone enanthate therapy are those who have a familial pattern of delayed puberty and that it is not caused by another disease. When taken by younger adults it can impact their bone growth, so it should be carefully monitored by frequent bone scans. These treatments are also done for a shorter time than for other indications. 

In females it can be used for metastatic mammary cancer. If the breast cancer is so advanced that it cannot be operated on and have been through menopause for at least 1 to 5 years they can take testosterone enanthate. This helps to reduce the size of the ovaries to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. This will be prescribed to them by an oncologist or doctor specializing in cancer. 

How Do You Use It?

Testosterone enanthate is typically provided in a glass vial and is a solution that is on a scale from colorless to a pale yellow and is suspended in sesame oil. 

It is usually administered through an injection into the muscle. The muscle of choice is the gluteal muscle in the buttocks. Since this can be a difficult muscle to reach on your own, a healthcare provider or trusted friend or family member may be better suited to administer it. 

To remove it from the vial you will need the syringe and needle. To begin you will attach the needle to the syringe by twisting them together. Next you will pull back as much air into the syringe as you would the medicine dose. So if your dose of testosterone enanthate is 2 mL, you will pull in 2 mL of air into the syringe. 

Next you will insert the syringe into the top of the vial and inject all of the air. Flip the vial upside down with the needle inserted and pull back your dose of testosterone enanthate. Once you have the proper amount tap the syringe on a hard surface to ensure there are no bubbles in the syringe. Finally, inject the medication into the gluteal muscle after cleansing it with an alcohol swab. Don’t forget to prime the needle first to remove air bubbles, and then slightly pull back on the syringe after penetrating the skin to aspirate the needle. 

How is Your Dose Determined?

Your healthcare provider will carefully determine the dose that will be most suitable for you. This is done by reviewing your hormone level test, age, sex, the reason for use, side effects you have previously experienced, and your response to the drug. The dose may also change after you have begun treatment because your doctor will have a better understanding of your reaction to the drug and how your hormone levels are doing through additional testing. 

For example, if you are exhibiting side effects and a higher than average testosterone level, your doctor will probably reduce the dose so that you can have a better experience with the medication. It is important to always follow the dosing and administration instructions that your doctor gives you. Taking more of the medication will not improve your symptoms faster or double the effects. In fact, this can be dangerous to your health and even worsen the symptoms that you are experiencing. 

What Are the Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate?

Testosterone enanthate does have some side effects that should be acknowledged. There are also some differences in the side effects depending on if the person is male or female. 

In females it is common to have no menstrual period or to have an irregular menstrual period, they could experience a deeper voice, enlarged clitoris, and increased body hair growth. 

In men, they may experience a growth in breast tissue or gynecomastia, a reduction in sperm count, male pattern baldness, and excessive frequency and length of time with an erection. 

There are also side effects that apply to everyone. This includes an excess of growth, acne, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, having excess sodium, chloride, water, potassium, and calcium in the body, nausea, jaundice, types of hepatitis, and alterations in liver function tests. In addition it could reduce the ability of clotting factors making it easier to bleed, alter the sex drive, lead to anxiety or depression, headaches, increase cholestrol, cause blood clots in the veins, injection site discomfort, and very rarely an allergic reaction can occur. 

The side effects that people experience are unique to them. Some will have no side effects and some will have multiple. These side effects should be considered along with the benefits when deciding to or to not take this medication. 

Who Should Not Take This Medication?

While this medication can help many people, there are a few people that should not take it. One population that should not take testosterone enanthate are men with breast or prostate cancer. Another group that should not take this are women who are pregnant or who could become pregnant. This is because if a pregnant woman receives it their baby would undergo masculinization. For a female fetus this could include an enlargement of the clitoris, fusion of the labia to form a scrota like skin, and could even cause harm to the fetus. These changes are dependent on how much the pregnant woman takes and how old the fetus is. If the fetus is less than 12 weeks there are a higher chance of these defects. So just to be safe, these populations should stay away from any androgen product.  


Testosterone enanthate is a very important androgen replacement that helps in multiple ways. From delayed puberty to palliative care for women with metastatic breast cancer. The drug is relatively safe for most people, but it should be taken with caution and knowledge of side effects that could occur. 

Always talk with your doctor about medications that you are taking and discuss with them to see if they think this could be a good fit for you. This article should be used as a guide, but the advice of your doctor should always be considered first. 


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