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Written by Elite HRT on June 09, 2021

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Camille Freking, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, MEDICAL ADVISOR

It seems like you can almost buy anything online these days from food from your favorite restaurant to a vacuum. Human growth hormone and other hormone replacement medications can also be purchased online nowadays. But, this isn’t just your latest swimsuit for summer, it is a medication that will go into your body. This means the stakes are high and you need to make sure what is going into you is safe and effective.

Growth hormones are notorious for being sold illegally on the black market and including ingredients that can be potentially dangerous and not what you think you are purchasing at all. 

All of that being said, you have to be a responsible consumer to ensure where you are purchasing your human growth hormone online is safe and reliable. 

Keep reading to learn more about who should take HGH injections, how to get a prescription, where to buy HGH online, and how to know if a website and its injectable human growth hormone is legit. 

Who Should Take Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone does help you to develop strong and healthy bones and muscles, but that does not mean it is your next best workout supplement. Human growth hormone should be reserved for those who have an actual deficiency in the hormone. 

The decreased level of human growth hormone is also known as dwarfism or low levels could be a result of aging. The levels of human growth hormone decrease naturally as you age which can result in unwanted symptoms such as weak bones and decreased muscle mass and strength. 

How to Get a Human Growth Hormone Prescription

To get a vial of human growth hormone legally you need to have a prescription from a healthcare provider. Getting a prescription is not as easy saying that you would like to be on the hormone. You need to prove that you have low HGH levels. This is for your safety to ensure you are only on growth hormone therapy if you truly need it. 

To determine if you have a deficiency it is recommended that you have a hormone test either by blood, urine, or saliva to determine your current growth hormone levels. If your healthcare provider decides that you have a low level of human growth hormone they may recommend taking HGH supplementation. Human growth hormone supplements usually come in the form of injections that look like pens. 

Once you determine that you have low levels of human growth hormone you can either continue to work with your healthcare provider to create a hormone replacement treatment (HRT) plan, or you can begin working with an HRT specialist like Elite HRT

Creating a personalized hormone replacement therapy treatment plan is very important since everyone’s hormones are different and unique to you. After the treatment plan is finalized you will get the appropriate prescription that you need. 

Places to Buy Human Growth Hormone

Purchasing medications has become easier than ever before with services like ordering your prescription online, delivering prescriptions, and many other amazing technologies. Sometimes, with so many options it can be hard to know which one to choose. Online, at the pharmacy, and at offices are the most common places to get your HGH needs. 


The online option has become much more popular in the past few years. Online storefronts can fill prescriptions and send your medications directly to your home. Since you can’t always trust everything that you see on the internet you do have to be careful about which sites you choose, but if you can recognize the quality websites then you can have a convenient way to get your medications. Also, with many of the online stores, you can autofill your prescription so it is sent to you automatically when your last dose is supposed to run out. This makes things convenient and gives you one last thing to worry about. 


The pharmacy is the traditional method for getting your prescriptions filled. Pharmacies are located near almost everyone and are even conveniently placed in grocery stores and drugstores so you can simply fill your prescriptions while you are already out. With pharmacies, you also have peace of mind that the medication is safe and exactly what it says it is. 

On the negative side, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to have to physically go to a location, wait in line, and have to go back to pick it up when it is completed. Especially in today’s society where you want to limit being in public as much as possible. 


The last common location to get human growth hormone is directly from a medical office. Sometimes if the provider has extra in the office they could potentially fill the prescription. Also, specialty hormone clinics often sell hormones from the office to make it easy and convenient for you. This is a great way to do a one-stop-shop and know that your hormones are safe. 

How to Know if an Online Website is Reliable

Knowing if an online pharmacy or retailer is real can sometimes be tricky, but there are a few tricks to knowing that you are being protected. 

The first thing to look for is that they require a prescription. A reliable website will never allow you to purchase medication without a prescription. 

Second, you want to confirm that there is an address listed on the website that is located in the United States. Many of the scam websites for medications are located in other countries, so checking for a United States address is important. 

In the same way you can talk with a pharmacist at the pharmacy or a doctor at your office, look for a website that allows you to get in touch with a professional. The website should care that you have a medication that is safe for you and your health needs. If you have any questions or concerns there should always be someone there to address them. 

Elite HRT

Elite HRT doesn’t only provide consultation and prescription of HGH, including brand names like Omnitrope, we also offer several hormones and nutraceuticals as well, including therapy to help restore testosterone levels. 

The process with Elite HRT is simple, yet thorough and personalized. You will first complete a medical history form to provide a physician with more understanding about you and your health goals. 

You will next take a blood test to determine your hormone levels and if hormone replacement therapy is right for you. If it is, you will have a physical exam completed locally near you. 

Finally, you will start your program and will have your medications shipped directly to you. The process ensures that you are only getting the medications you need and that it is a carefully crafted plan just for you by a prescribing physician. 

Where Not to Purchase Hormones

Many places are safe to purchase human growth hormones from, but there are also some places that you should avoid when purchasing them or any other medication. The first big no-no when it comes to buying medications is buying them from friends or family. Just because someone you know has some leftovers does not mean it is a good idea to buy it or take it from them. Medications, especially hormones, need to be balanced at a certain dose and tailored especially for you. Taking someone else’s medications is dangerous and actually illegal

Another place you should not get human growth hormone from is from an unverified online marketplace. If a website does not follow the criteria for being credible, it is best not to purchase from them. Who knows what they will send you and the damage it could do to your body. No “good deal” is good enough to put your health at risk with dangerous side effects caused by incorrect dosages or a knockoff formula. This is similar to what could occur if you purchased from an unlicensed person in person. 

Anyone on the street or in a home or business without a medical license should not be selling to you. 

When in doubt you can always ask your healthcare provider for reliable websites, pharmacies, and in-person storefronts to purchase your human growth hormone from. 


Human growth hormone is a hormone that is needed by every human body. When produced at the right levels in the body you will be set to keep your body strong and healthy. When the levels start to decrease you may notice symptoms that could be causing you discomfort or make life less enjoyable. 

Once you find out HGH therapy is a good option for you, the next step is to purchase the hormone from a reliable location. Online retailers for medications should be carefully considered before using them. But after you ensure their trustworthiness, they can be a fantastic resource to make your experience easier. 


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