How Long Do HGH Injections Last?: What To Expect from HRT


Written by Elite HRT on June 05, 2021

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Not many people openly discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT), so it can be difficult to know what to expect from it. Hormone replacement therapy encompasses many different hormones and is simply the process of replacing the hormone(s) that your body is deficient in. 

This deficiency can happen for several reasons including physical deformities, genetic abnormalities, and age. Human growth hormone (HGH) is just one of the hormones that can be replaced and is one of the most commonly replaced hormones with HRT. 

Keep reading to learn more about HGH deficiency and what to expect from human growth hormone therapy, including the benefits, how long it lasts, and more. 

Who is human growth hormone for?

Human growth hormone can sometimes get a bad reputation from people who use it illicitly just for its anti-aging effects. This includes athletes that take human growth hormone to improve athletic performance and stamina. 

When taken without the guidance of a healthcare provider, human growth hormone can have negative effects on the body. So, human growth hormone is not for people looking for a quick fix for their athletics, but it is for someone whose body does not naturally produce enough human growth hormone on its own. 

Since you can’t just take a hormone level test at home there are some symptoms you may want to watch out for that could indicate that you have a human growth hormone deficiency. A low sex drive, slow metabolism, excess body fat especially in the abdomen, less lean muscle, trouble getting quality sleep, and a foggy brain are all symptoms that might indicate low human growth hormone levels. 

If you notice these, it may be a good sign to talk with your doctor about seeing if you may need human growth hormone replacement to restore your HGH levels.

What Are the Benefits To Expect From Human Growth Hormone?

Many of the symptoms that you experience are what will be addressed by the human growth hormone treatment. When your human growth hormone levels are brought back into a normal range you should notice fewer unwanted symptoms and feel better than before. 

Human growth hormone plays an important role in maintaining the growth and strength of your tissues. This is why you may notice that many of the benefits are related to body tissues. 

Increases Muscle Mass

One of the largest benefits of human growth hormone replacement therapy is an increase in muscle mass. When human growth hormone levels are low there is a decrease in the definition and maintenance of lean muscle tissue. Once your human growth hormone levels begin to regulate you may notice an increase in your muscle tissue making you feel stronger and maybe even feel more confident in your physical appearance. 

You should know that you will not magically become a bodybuilder once you start taking human growth hormone. Doing proper exercise is also needed to help your body produce muscle. 

Decreases Body Fat

Growth hormone helps to break down fat molecules which can help you to reduce your overall body fat. This may be noticed as less body fat in your midsection, arms, and other noticeable areas. While it does help to reduce the appearance of body fat, you may not notice a large change in your weight. When paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can help to potentiate the effects. 

Improves Your Sleep

Sleep can also be significantly improved with human growth hormone therapy. Human growth hormone can help you to feel more rested when you wake up by helping to improve your quality of sleep. 

You may notice falling asleep easier, staying asleep longer, and feeling more revitalized when awake. Sleep can have a bigger impact on your life than you may notice, but once you get the quality sleep you deserve you will realize what you have been missing out on. 

Helps You Think More Clearly

Going through the day with cloudy thinking can be frustrating. This may show up as forgetting words, what you were trying to do, daydreaming, or even being frequently distracted. human growth hormone therapy can help you to think more clearly so that your brain is on its A-game. Having a clear thought process can make the day go by easier and help you to enjoy it more. 

Energizes You

Having low energy throughout your day can be frustrating and can manifest similarly to having brain fog. You may be distracted, feel like you need to take a nap, or just feel tired. Human growth hormone therapy will hopefully help to boost your energy levels and get you back to feeling like yourself. 

You can feel like you can take on the day and enjoy it even more. With more energy, you can get more done and feel more productive throughout the day. It will also help that getting better sleep will help you to feel more energized as well. 

Improves Your Sex Life

Another great benefit of human growth hormone is improving your sex life. This is done in two ways. The first way is by increasing your sex drive. This will help you to feel more aroused and in the mood so that you can initiate sex with yourself or your partner. Additionally, you can notice an increase in your sexual performance. 

You may feel more interested in sex which can help you to feel confident and perform better than before for you and your partner. So, overall your sex life may improve and feel revitalized. It is amazing what can happen when your hormones are exactly where they need to be. 

How Long Does Human Growth Hormone Last?

How long human growth hormone lasts in the body, is the time between injections when a new dosage is needed to replenish the hormone levels. The time between will depend on the type of human growth hormone you are taking and the dose.

For most adults taking somatropin human growth hormone, it will last 24 hours from the time you last administered the medication. 

Human growth hormone is injected once per day at the same time each day. This will help you to get the maximum benefits possible and help to keep your hormone levels stable. This is the general recommendation, but the specific dose, where it is administered, and frequency will be determined by your doctor by taking all of your personal needs into mind. 

While this is a typical recommendation, you should always follow the medical advice of your healthcare professional. 

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

Just like with any prescription medication some side effects can occur with human growth hormone. To limit the number of side effects from human growth hormone you should always get the medication from a reputable and reliable source such as from your healthcare provider, and never from the black market or a non-regulated place. 

When taken properly as prescribed there are very few side effects that occur from human growth hormone, but there are a few that you should be aware of. 

Some of the side effects of human growth hormone are swelling in the arms and legs, joint pain, numbness, muscle pain, discomfort and/or mild scarring at the repeat injection site, and an increase of breast tissue in men. You should always talk with your doctor about if the benefits outweigh the risks of taking any medication, and human growth hormone is no exception. 

Where To Get Human Growth Hormone

There are a few places where you can get a prescription for human growth hormone. An endocrinologist or hormone doctor, primary care provider, and hormone replacement clinics like Elite HRT are all options for getting your human growth hormone prescription. 

All of these locations have licensed healthcare providers that will do the appropriate testing to determine if human growth hormone is right for you. 

Elite HRT offers a comprehensive approach to hormone replacement therapy. We are specialized HRT so we are up to date on all of the research and methods to provide you with an evidence-based personalized approach to your hormone replacement therapy. 


Human growth hormone injections have a wide variety of benefits from mental things like sleep, sex, and brain clarity to physical things like more muscle and less body fat. Human growth hormone is typically taken once daily for adults in the form of a subcutaneous (below the skin) injection. 

Your duration and dose of treatment will be determined by your healthcare provider. HGH treatments are offered in a variety of places, but choosing a hormone replacement therapy specialist, like Elite HRT, is often a great choice because they have specialized knowledge that can help to create a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan


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