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Most people look back at their adolescence and young adulthood with fondness. This season of life for most people represents when hormones are at their optimal level and they are at the peak of their physical potential. With an optimal hormone balance comes many benefits such as better mental acuity, healthy libido, sustainable energy levels, and an easier time maintaining a good physique. 

An unfortunate aspect of life is that as the body ages, bodily systems can become bogged down and result in unwanted symptoms of aging. While finding a single grey hair is almost a right of passage as a middle-aged adult, symptoms like increased body fat (especially around the stomach), decreased muscle mass, decreased libido, and declining energy levels can leave you feeling defeated. Many of these symptoms can be caused by a decreased production of vital hormones within the body, including growth hormone levels. 

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Written by Elite HRT
on June 09, 2021

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Growth hormone, also known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH), is a naturally occurring hormone that tends to decline with age. HGH is the hormone responsible for initiating development from childhood to adolescence. 

While HGH stimulates development, it is also known to promote muscle building, fat metabolism, and many other beneficial processes. Maintaining a healthy level of GH secretion and levels throughout adulthood is a great way you can promote healthy aging and keep yourself at your prime for many years to come. 

While supplementation of HGH directly can be useful, supplementing low HGH with CJC 1295 is also a viable option to help bolster HGH levels. 

What is CJC 1295?

Hormones are tightly regulated molecules within the human body. There are countless chemical reaction cascades and molecule interactions that allow hormones to be produced at a safe level within the body. 

CJC 1295 sounds like a substance that comes straight out of a science fiction novel, but in reality, it is simply an analogue to a hormone known as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). GHRH is a part of the regulatory system in the body and is the molecule that signals the release of HGH into the body.

How Does CJC 1295 Work in the Body?

As stated previously, CJC 1295 is a GHRH analog. With a similar structure, CJC 1295 can incite many of the same changes and processes that GHRH imposes.

By supplementing CJC 1295, the body will upregulate this step in the cascade and will result in the production of more HGH. In short, CJC 1295 works by utilizing your body’s natural chemical signaling processes to have your body produce and release growth hormone on its own. 

In addition to increasing HGH levels, CJC 1295 is also able to elevate Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a molecule that is important in the cellular processes associated with growth and acts as an inhibitor to HGH. While it may seem counterproductive, having IGF-1 act as an inhibitor aids your body in maintaining a healthy level of HGH. 

A study found that CC 1295 was an effective means of elevating both HGH and IGF-1 within the body. It also illustrated that CJC 1295 had a longer duration within the body when compared to HGH and GHRH thanks to its molecular composition. These findings showed that CJC 1295 was an effective means of elevating HGH levels while also utilizing the body’s natural methods for secreting HGH.

Who Should Take CJC 1295?

While there are many benefits to a healthy HGH level, it is important to note that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. HGH peptide therapies like CJC 1295 should only be utilized by people who have diminished HGH levels. Because CJC 1295 piggybacks off of your body’s natural HGH production, it can provide a near-ideal HGH level to get back what you had in your young adulthood. 

To determine if CJC 1295 can help you, it is advised to get a blood test that specifically looks at your HGH levels. If it is found that your HGH levels are less than ideal, CJC 1295 could be the perfect solution to restoring a natural hormone level. 

Elite HRT understands the many nuances that come with finding the right hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for each unique individual. Many companies utilize a blanketed approach that looks just at your age to determine what you need. This practice is not only ineffective, but it can also be dangerous. 

Through Elite HRT’s methods, a personalized HRT plan will be provided and you can be on your way to enjoying life to its fullest while having a supported hormone balance. 

What Are the Benefits of CJC 1295?

While adding CJC 1295 does not directly provide benefits to your body, the increase in HGH that comes about from the addition of CJC 1295 can. Standard HGH hormone therapy is effective, but growth hormone has a relatively short-lived time within the body before it is broken down. CJC 1295 on the other hand is not readily broken down and is able to evoke the gradual pulsating release of HGH from the pituitary. This illustrates the main benefit of CJC 1295 over other HGH-targeted therapies. 

If you have a low HGH level, taking CJC 1295 could have a drastic and positive anti-aging impacts. There are many different symptoms of aging which range from decreased visual acuity to an increased BMI. While HGH is not a fix-all solution, it may help to improve some common symptoms of aging. 

Midsection fat is one of the symptoms of aging that HGH could potentially help to alleviate. By promoting lean muscle growth and fat breakdown, HGH could help to redistribute fat more evenly and allow you to have more confidence.

Loss of bone density is another symptom of aging that HGH or HGH peptide therapy could help to alleviate. As you age it can become easier and easier to sustain injuries from things that wouldn’t have injured you in your youth. Falls for instance can be quite dangerous for older adults. HGH therapy can also aid in the maintenance of a healthy bone density level. 

A study that looked at HGH as a treatment for bone loss in men was assessed in 2002 and found that the utilization of HGH in addition to calcium and vitamin D3 was able to increase bone density. 

While CJC 1295 is not an HGH therapy, since it is able to increase the natural production of HGH, it could potentially yield many of the same benefits. 

What Are the Side Effects of CJC-1295?

The main side effects that may occur after an administration of CJC 1295 have to do with the effects that come with an elevated HGH level. 

Everyone is different and consulting with your doctor during hormone therapy is important to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment and not posing a risk to yourself. 

Some potential side effects of HGH include muscle and joint pain, edema, and a potential increase in cholesterol, as well as flu-like symptoms such as flushing, nausea, dizziness, and headache. 

While these side effects could occur, with the help of your healthcare provider you can work together to find the right dose for you which will minimize side effects and maximize benefits. 

How To Get Natural Hormone Therapy?

Natural hormone therapy like peptide therapy works because it is able to piggyback off of the natural signaling in the body and deliver an increase in an important hormone. Utilizing the body’s cellular mechanism for increasing HGH is ideal because it is able to provide a pulsating and natural administration of HGH and can keep the levels of HGH relatively safe. 

High-quality peptides are the only way to go for peptide therapy. Peptides are very complex organizations of amino acids that need to be carefully formulated to be pure and effective. EliteHRT is committed to delivering high-quality and convenient treatments. 

By working closely with you and your healthcare team, Elite HRT provides high-quality hormone and peptide therapy treatments right to your door. Simply get started by providing basic information and an Elite HRT wellness consultant will guide you through the process. 

By taking care of you every step of the way, Elite HRT is about eliminating barriers to treatment and getting you the care you deserve. 


In summary, CJC 1295 is a peptide that is able to stimulate the natural secretion of human growth hormones. CJC 1295 works because of its close structural similarity to GHRH which is responsible for initiating the secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland. 

CJC 1295 could be an effective way of restoring HGH levels within your body that can allow you to feel youthful again and full of vigor. With the many benefits of HGH therapy, it is worth a shot at getting more out of your days and living a life with more confidence. 

When used in conjunction with your healthcare provider’s supervision and a healthy lifestyle, you could begin to see drastic changes in both your physique and overall well being. Aging doesn’t have to be dreaded and hormone replacement and peptide therapies could help you to age healthier and happier. 


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